Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Word Count Wednesday 6/22/11

I know I skipped Word Count Wednesday last week (it would have been zero words), but it was one of those weeks where life took precedence over writing.

I am now at grad school, and in just two short days I've written...

2,515 words  ^_^

The atmosphere here is so conducive to writing and being creative.  I could not be happier.

I'm working on a short story for one of my classes.  The assignment is to create an original short story based on the fairy tale "The Goose Girl."  We read Andrew Lang's version from The Blue Fairy Book.  It's free domain, and here's a link to the text should you wish to read it:

The element of the fairy tale that I'm focusing on is the maid who steals the princess's role and goes to meet the prince instead.  Except I'm giving it a VERY modern twist.  Hint: Think girl groupies of a rock band.  I'm pretty positive no one will go in this direction and I love all the allusions to the original story that I'm able to slip into the modern setting.  So fun!

I have 4 novels and 2 picture books to read by next Tuesday... so I need to go get reading.  I pretty much need to finish a book a day.  Yikes!  I'm almost done with Princess of Mars, and will post my initial thoughts on that book tomorrow!

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