Sunday, January 22, 2012

Resolution: Week Three

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My New Year's Resolution was to write. Preferably for a novel, but any creative writing will suffice. I must have my butt in my chair behind my desk for two hours each night to write. The time frame I set up was from 6-8pm Monday through Friday. Weekly posts will report on my progress and keep me on track!

Week Three Results:
Did I write all five days for two hours? YES
Word count for the week = 3125 words

What I Learned This Week:
  1. My word counts are going up!  I'm averaging 600 words per day, up from 470 words last week.
  2. Writing is really cutting into my reading time.  To the point where I'm craving curling up with a book in the evening.  I really didn't realize what making this resolution would do to my reading time.  I don't want to cut down my writing time because I'm making so much progress, so I guess I'll just pray for a snow day...  
  3. I'm a very plot and character driven writer in my first draft.  Plot and character details flow smoothly.  The thing I'm struggling with right now is voice.  My main character does not have a consistent voice.  One day she's logical and snarky, and the next day she's meek and obedient.  It's starting to frustrate me, but this isn't the first time I've struggled with voice.  It'll work itself out eventually.
  4. And my brother is awesome!!!  He made me a CD to inspire my writing (without me asking him to)!  He knows about the basic plot and genre and compiled 20 songs with various moods.  I can't listen to music with words when I write because I find the words distracting.  And I needed music with some mechanical sounds... The songs he picked out are PERFECT.  :)

Anyone else struggle with voice?
Anyone else have specific music preferences when they write?


  1. Voice is SO difficult! Or, well, to me everything about fictional writing is difficult, but I imagine voice is particularly challenging :P Good luck! But, like you said, it will work itself out eventually. :)

    1. Maybe voice is so hard because it's so important!

      Thanks for the encouragement :)


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