Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oldie but Goodie: Hoot

Oldie but Goodie
Oldie but Goodie will be about books that came out over 10 years ago, but are still great reads. I wanted a way to highlight books that aren't new releases or some of the books that I read before I began blogging (but still love).

This week's Oldie but Goodie:
by Carl Hiaasen
Published in 2002

Roy Eberhardt is the new kid at Trace Middle School, having moved from Montana to Florida.  He becomes involved in a mission to save a habitat of burrowing owls from being destroyed by the construction of a pancake house.  A story of friendship, challenging authority, and making a stand for something you believe in.

What I Love:
Even ten years after it's publication, Hoot will still captivate young readers with its action, mystery, and humor.  The pranks Mullet Fingers plays will have any kid laughing.  Readers will loathe the bully Dana Matherson and feel sympathy for Beatrice and her family situation.  The message of protecting nature and standing up for something you believe in will resonate with young people and give them hope.  And I sort of have a soft spot for owls... (If you can't already tell!)

Age Appropriateness:
The word "ass" is used a few times in the book.  There is mention of cigarettes and reference to a gun.  And there are a few fights.  But most 10-11 year olds would be fine reading this book, and it would a be a great book for parents to read with their kid and discuss.


  1. This sounds fun. I really should check it out.

    1. It's a great middle grade read. Tweens love it :)


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