Monday, April 11, 2011

Initial Thoughts on Meatloaf

Clever and original concept. Kids will love looking though this scrapbook style collection of notes and objects to figure out the story. 

However, I think the format of the book causes the book to become dated VERY, VERY quickly. The IM chat screens looked ancient. The pop culture references via magazines and the interests of the girl also made the book feel dated. Example: The girl wants to be the Sugar Plum Fairy in a ballet production. Comes off as very cliche and traditional. What about soccer, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, or one of the many sports the modern girl participates in? 

I don't know how to do a book like this and keep it timeless. It would be a serious challenge. 

I'd also like to see this concept applied with cultural diversity in mind. Meatloaf and ballerinas and science fair projects... screams white suburbia. 

The graphic layout/style would really appeal to English Language Learners and lower socioeconomic kids.

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