Saturday, April 23, 2011

Initial Thoughts on Impulse

Three teenagers are enrolled in a mental health facility after attempted suicide. Through poetry and shifting POV, we learn what pushed each teen to think their life was not worth living.

Very well-written and engaging.
Poetry is an excellent mode of telling this story.

I worry about the impact this book could have because one kid ultimately succeeds in killing himself. I worry a kid in a similar situation will think that there isn't a way out of that situation other than death.

My own personal opinion:
I have a really hard time reading these kinds of books that tackle such dark and violent subject matter. I only read this book because it was on my reading list for grad school. I know several 7th graders who read Ellen Hopkins and worry a little about them being able to handle the serious subject matter on their own. I don't think parents are aware of what is inside these books. A kid would really NEED to talk to a trusted adult about the content after reading such heavy stuff.

Possible objectionable subject matter:
Child rape and sexual abuse, self mutilation, suicide, drugs, murder, homosexuality, mental illness, prostitution, and other strong sexual content.

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