Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cinder Paperback

This is a totally self-indulgent post, but I was pretty psyched and had to share...

Yes.  My blog is in the Cinder paperback.  I already own the hardback, which I plan to get signed on February 19 by Marissa Meyer (on her birthday) in Washington DC.  But I had to go out and buy the paperback as well.  My blog has never been mentioned in a book before, so this was pretty darn exciting.

Here's the page in the book thanking book bloggers:

And here's my blog (in top right corner):

This made me so darn happy.  I'm definitely taking notes, and hope that someday I can thank bloggers in my book as well.

And if you haven't yet... You should read Cinder.  It's fantastic, and you can find my review here:


  1. EEEPPP! That is SO awesome! Congrats! :D

  2. That is such an adorable idea. I've seen blogs have random bloggers in their book, with a little quote from their review but nothing quite like this! I'd love to do this if I ever published too.


  3. I just ordered the paperback 2 days ago, so I'll be sure to look for it!! Congratulations!!!

  4. I saw this on twitter and was so excited for you!

  5. Holy!!!! SO cool! Gah, exciting. I still need to read Cinder, by the way. I bet you're excited for Scarlet!

  6. That is SO AWESOME! Congrats!!! And what a book to be mentioned in! I'm totally jealous! ;)

  7. So exciting. I bought Cinder because of your recommendation, Lauren!


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