Monday, February 6, 2012

Writing Resolution: Week 5

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My New Year's Resolution was to write. Preferably for a novel, but any creative writing will suffice. I must have my butt in my chair behind my desk for two hours each night to write. The time frame I set up was from 6-8pm Monday through Friday. Weekly posts will report on my progress and keep me on track!

Week Five Results:
Did I write all five days for two hours? YES
Word count for the week = 1012 words

What I Learned This Week:
  1. My word count was abysmal, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it.  I still worked on writing stuff like plotting and research (which I don't count towards my word count because it's in notebooks, not typed). But as you probably saw Behind the Story post... this was a rough week.
  2. To solve my plotting/setting issues, I did something I hadn't done before.  I kind of did little synopses for each possible plot/setting combo with what I'd do if I chose that option.  It helped because I wasn't going over it all in my head.  After doing this, I saw the pros and cons of each option and which option fit best with my overall themes.  
  3. I really think stress and personal life has an impact on creativity. The reason I had such a bad week was likely due to stress at work. When you're worried and stressed about other things, it's hard to get your brain to change directions. I wonder if there's like a stress chemical hormone in the brain that has to do with blocking creativity receptors.  Hmmm.
I hope all the black of the new layout doesn't bother anyone.  I was absolutely bored of the old one, and wanted something with either typewriters or owls (as I love both).  Plus I wanted my blog and twitter to match because I'm a goober.

How was your writing week?
Do you think stress negatively impacts creativity?


  1. Stress definitely negatively impacts creativity. All of my best ideas come when I'm most relaxed, like on the verge of falling asleep or in the middle of the shower.

    1. Hehe! I get writing ideas in the shower too! Never thought about it being a relaxed thing!

      I've been drinking tea when I sit down to write, so that probably goes along with your relaxed theory too!

    2. The shower is the birth place of many of my good ideas :P

      I like the strategy you used in #2. I like being able to see things out in front of me like that.


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