Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moon Over Manifest and Typewriters

Boo.  No writing was done today.  Instead I read over 70 pages of Moon Over Manifest of which I have an assignment due Monday at 9am for my online class.

Here's a favorite quote so far:
"The Manifest Herald newspaper office was about centered on Main Street and we walked into a holy mess.  Newspapers were stacked two and three feet tall.  A typewriter sat on a cluttered desk, its keys splayed open with some scattered on the desk like it tried to spell explosion and the explosion happened."  (Page 14)

I sort of have a romantic thing for typewriters.  As you can see by the prints over my desk.

I've never typed on one.  I recently saw a gorgeous, black, very antique-looking and relatively small typewriter for sale at a vintage store by me for $95 and was very tempted to purchase it.  As decoration?  I don't even know.  But it's driving me crazy that I could go back and it won't be there.

I need to read 70 pages a day in order to finish MoM by Saturday night.  Wish me luck!


  1. LOL I actually used to have to do reports on them...at least in elementary school :D They aren't that fun to type on LOL

    And I wanted to comment back to you about the owl locket from the OA giveaway :D I found it on etsy - I just did a search for owl pendants and found TONS of gorgeous necklaces. It was very hard not buying a dozen of them for my self LOL (I do have several on my Christmas wish list though...soooo cute!)

  2. Thank you so much for posting on where to find those owl pendants! I love etsy!

  3. I love the typewriter prints you have! They are awesome! I have the same sort of affinity towards typewriters. Yes, I want one. Will I ever write a novel on it? I don't know. Maybe? But somehow that doesn't seem all that relevant in a weird way...


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